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(01-10-2020, 10:09 AM)pianist Wrote: [ -> ]Saved my efforts for mailing out the letter  just wait for monies to come in without any trading costs,

There is no need to mail out the letter to accept the offer. You can accept the offer online at the link below:

The advantage of accepting the offer now is that you get your money earlier, rather than waiting for them to compulsory acquire your shares.

Of course, if you are holding those shares under CPF Investment Account or SRS, you have to mail in your instructions to your respective agent bank. The above is for shares held in CDP only.
Today it ends at 0.67. Probably just to make those who accepted the offer feel a bit bad :p

Another value investment closed. "Great" that the offer is close to NAV.  At least a fair offer. Looks like multi baggers only happens in tech stocks these days, some with up to 1000 P/E that i can't comprehend.

Nevertheless i still find it less stressful to buy and hold good companies that consistently pay dividends.
Sold some at 0.67 today
TeckWah Suspended -  says goodbye to an excellent Singapore company.
The percentage of the total number of shares which are held in public hands has fallen below 10%.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
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