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Can someone tell me how this company makes money? I attended its recent AGM and dumped the shares on the same was one of my worst in terms of information fishing.

Anyway, I wonder how Tech Wah will be affected by HP's exit from the PC market.
6 years ago, I used to work for Teckwah part time when I was still a student. They paid me $8/hr to pack Game CDs for Electronic Arts into plastic boxes. My job was to stuff the CDs into the box while the plastic boxes were moving horizontally on the conveyor belt.

My manager was a china woman who kept shouting at me to "hurry up" and "stop talking". She also commanded me not to use my handphone.

I was so angry after that, I went to buy Teckwah shares and complain to the management during the AGM and questioned him on the quality of his factory supervisors.

Not sure if they are still using China workers for their packing division. I still boil up when I think back about how that China supervisor bossed me around.

Net cash per share = 15 cents....
Share price = 28.5 cents...
Dividend yield = 5.3%.

What is the value proposition of this company?
All the packaging companies doing really well this year Smile
Any opinion on this company?

Price/Tangible Book = 0.68x
Net Cash = SGD38.6m or SGD0.165 per share

EBITDA margins
Q2 2012: 12%
Q1 2012: 12.5%
H2 2011: 11.0%
H1 2011: 9.3%

Q2 2012: 12.9%
Q1 2012: 12.0%
H2 2011: 9.5%
H1 2011: 12.7%

Uploaded some financials calculated myself. Figures obtained from Reuters (OneSource). Please correct me if my calculations are wrong, not very experienced at this.

Huge moves today, anybody knows why?
Last close on Thursday at about 0.310... reached a high of 0.345 on Friday afternoon before closing at 0.335.
Ho Bee chief added another 1% to boost his stake to 13.1% hmmm

(Not Vested)
Hi guys, correct me if I am wrong.

This is a net net stock isn't it?

Cash is 37 mil
Total Liab is 28.7 mil
Should be a net cash, not a net-net.
FY12 (ended 31Dec12) full-year results just out.....$file/SGX_Announcement_FullYear2012_20Feb13.pdf?openelement

Unfortunately, 2H's NP is way down, and Final dividend has been cut to $0.005/share (last FY11: $0.01/share).
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