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Full Version: Master Glory Group (0275.HK) (formerly: Hanny Holdings)
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equity above 3 billion , cash 700 million yet market cap of just 250 million.
Is this another chinese scammer that choose by mistake to quote at HKEX instead of SGX or an iper-ultra-super-neglected counter ?
They even cared to pay a 9% dividend yield past two years.Huh
the big disc may be due to the poor corp governance issue.

the cash may be set aside for the GZ property devt which is pending for months..
Is this a penny peanut?
up 10% on laughable volumes. Placed a buy order for 400,000 yesterday and got served for 8,000 on which I will have to pay the 100 HKD minimum brokerage fee Angry screw them Angry
Total volume traded = 108000 today. But share price up from 23 to 25cents.

So buyers outnumber sellers and in control.
the counter is now 0.26 , still extremely undervalued to NAV (P/BV 0.11)
why is it undervalued?
seems too cheap to be true!
must know why it is cheap. then can know whether market is right or wrong.

can someone help me understand this in simpler language pls?

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