Singapore Savings Bond

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Only 32,000 investors, after six offerings?

Singapore Savings Bonds drew 32,000 investors and $810 million after first six offerings: MAS
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i think the return is not that high to attract other investors.
It seems that the current SSB are not very competitive compared to the current available deposit rates. (Note : SDIC insures deposits up to S$75,000)

Question : Is the SSB meeting its objective ?   Huh

1. This mth's SSB - SBJAN20 GX20010T ( 10yr 1.76%, yr1 1.52% )

2. Currently available Savings Rate (2019)

3. Deposit Insurance Scheme

4. Issuing SSB :
"............."The Singapore Savings Bonds will offer the higher returns of a long-term bond and give what investors call a 'term premium', while retaining the flexibility of a shorter-term deposit, and the safety of an instrument guaranteed by the Government," said Mrs Teo at the Investment Management Association of Singapore's 16th annual conference.

"As the name suggests, we hope that the Singapore Savings Bond programme will encourage individuals to save and invest to meet their long-term financial goals and retirement needs." ..............."

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