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Full Version: Parc Clematis
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The Parc Clematis condo sits within a purely private residential estate. Besides a couple of other condominiums next to it, the rest of the neighbourhood comprises the landed houses of Faber Hills Estate. Parc Clematis showflat and Parc Clematis price will be available soon.

This is an up-and-coming area that holds much promise, sited as it is in between the established Clementi township on its east, and the new economic hub of the Jurong Lake District to its west.
Clementi is also acknowledged as one of the main education and research belts of Singapore, that include the incubation hubs, and business and science parks of One-North. Such as the sprawling campuses of University Town and the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Kent Ridge medical schools and centres, and both local and international schools like the United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

Westwards, work is ongoing on the Jurong Lake District (JLD) to turn it into the 2nd CBD (Central Business District) of Singapore. A number of statutory boards and Multi-National Corporations (MNC) will be moving their offices there. Along with all that will come growth in the workforce there, that will increase demand for accommodation.
The highest capital appreciation potential is usually to be found in growth areas. Hence the Parc Clematis condo could well benefit from the Jurong Lake District development as a major economic hub.