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Full Version: An Economist Walks Into a Brothel: And Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk
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Another interesting book caught from reading article below.

"To learn how to manage risks in your life, don’t consult office-bound economists or actuaries. Ask the real experts: prostitutes, gamblers, magicians, paparazzi, big-wave surfers, movie producers, horse breeders, and soldiers. Their careers require them to take risks. They succeed by doing so smartly—deriving as much benefit as possible per unit of risk taken. Allison Schrager, herself an economist, though not of the office-bound variety, interviewed all of these exotic professionals for an intriguing new book..."

1. No risk, no reward

2. I am irrational and I know it

3. Get the biggest bang for your risk buck

4. Be the master of your domain

5. Uncertainty(or Sh** Big Grin ) happens
Good read.