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Full Version: How to snag a prince without kissing too many frogs
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This article is painfully amusing - attending a course on how to snag a rich man! It seems people will really pay for anything! Gosh.....Confused

Apr 7, 2011
How to snag a prince without kissing too many frogs

BEIJING: It's a very small price to pay to land a big fish.

Many Chinese women these days think nothing of spending a chunk of their monthly salary on a new type of enrichment class: How to marry a rich Chinese man. After all, China has more billionaires today than any other country except the United States.

A consultancy firm in the upscale Jianwai Soho complex in Beijing is offering the special service. A standard 10-hour package costs 2,000 yuan (S$385), The Global Times reported yesterday.

At one such class, seven women listened intently as their instructor, relationship consultant Shao Tong, dispensed tips on the art of snagging a rich man. The framed picture of a book titled Marry The Right Person hung on a wall. Ms Shao was teaching her students how to read a man's face, the report said.

'When you see him the first time, you should pay attention to the left side of his face because it shows his real personality,' she said. 'The right side is what we call the 'social face',' she added. She then projected the face of a recently married millionaire's son on a screen, by way of example.

After her students unanimously agreed that he was handsome, Ms Shao asked them to study the left side of his face.

'Look carefully into his eyes,' she said. 'Then you can see he is insecure and unhappy. He wants love and sympathy.'

'Ohhhh...' her students nodded.

'Knowing what kind of person he is on the first date leads you to final victory,' Ms Shao told them, for good measure.

Most of the women enrolled in the classes are aged between 21 and 49. The company, De Yu Nu Xue Guan or School for Virtuous Ladies, takes a maximum of 15 per class. Besides the standard 10-hour package, it also conducts intensive one-on-one classes at 600 yuan for two hours, Chinese media reports said.

Ms Shao also told her students that while businessmen may be adept at sizing up business rivals or sniffing out a good deal, they may not be as sharp when it comes to their dates.

'They will observe the way you eat, the food you order and the way you talk to the waiter to judge if you are wife material,' she said.

'And no matter what happens during the dinner, stay calm,' she added.

Mr Ding Zhenyu, a consultant at the same company as Ms Shao, has this piece of advice: If a woman wants to marry a prince without having to kiss too many frogs, she must at least know what it is he is looking for in a wife.

The experts say that while beauty is not a prerequisite, looks are still important. Rich men tend to value family background. Some even hire fengshui masters to see if a woman has a lucky face.

The Global Times said that attitudes towards love and marriage are changing among young people in China, where more are delaying marriage due to financial considerations.

Seven in 10 women consider housing, a stable income and savings as the main prerequisites for marriage, a survey by the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies has found.

'Of course, a woman can make it by herself, but she can do so faster if she has a man,' said Ms Gong Haiyan, founder of Shiji Jiayuan, one of China's largest dating websites.

According to Forbes magazine's Billionaires List of 2011, China has 115 billionaires, up from 69 last year. The richest of them is technopreneur and Baidu founder Robin Li, estimated to be worth US$9.4 billion (S$11.8 billion).

But the 42-year-old is not available, matrimonially speaking. He is married with a daughter.


Easy steps to land a big catch

1) Go to places the rich frequent: fancy bars, restaurants and private clubs;

2) Learn proper restaurant and dining etiquette, and study formal dress codes;

3) Befriend his parents or extended family;

4) Stay calm when presented with luxury gifts;

5) Don't try to win favour by using flattery, no matter how much you love his money.

Sources: Global Times, relationship consultant Shao Tong