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Full Version: One Tree Hill Collection
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One Tree Hill Collection was a identity legacy within the One Tree Hill Good Class residential landed estate. This freehold Strata Landed acquired by Lum Chang Group, is the only acceptable landed redevelopment site near Orchard Road. This freehold land area of 39,063 sq ft was successfully enbloc for $65 million which works out to a land rate of about $1,664 per sq ft.

One Tree Hill Collection made up of 12 semi-detached and two bungalows, gracefully designed by K2LD Architect, they grasps the sense and sensibility of engineering – forming the perplexing connection between time, light and material to permit spatial opportunity that is wonderful in its heap articulations, and making the most elevated quality structure that reacts to the earth and the customer's yearnings. A portion of K2LD's honors incorporate the Design Excellence Award, the SIA Architectural Design Award and Singapore Design Award.

One Tree Hill collection - a freehold strata house yet doorstep of Orchard and Orchard Bouveyard MRT. Everyone's favorite collection. For more information