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[Image: JadeScape-Shunfu-Condo.jpg]

Upcoming new launch condo, JadeScape will soon be released for sale in the second half of 2018. Jadescape is less than 200m away from Marymount MRT station, this large scale residential development occupies a land size of up to 408,927 square ft and the development will be offering a broad selection of unit mix ranging from one bedroom to five bedrooms.

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Apparently there was a bit of a problem for Qingjian Realty with this project.  When they bought it in the collective sale, they were planning to max out the plot ratio, and go really high.  But after they bought it to build Jadescape, the authorities apparently said that as it is next to MacRitchie Reservoir, they cannot build as high as they wanted to.  But it seems that upper floor units should still be able to get reservoir views, at least the ones facing that way.

On top of that, the access road in is quite narrow, so there is a cap on the density too.  So seems Qingjian had to go back to the drawing board, and re-do the submissions.  Heard that is maybe why the opening for Jadescape showflat has been delayed.  Now there is some uncertainty as to when it will launch, but hopefully by end August or early September 2018 anyway.  News is quite a fair bit of interest on the ground so far, since no other new launches around this location.
Latest update on JadeScape - the showflat tentatively slated to open for viewing appointments from 8 September 2018.  The JadeScape showflat is really huge... 2 storeys high, showcasing 5 show units, and a Smart Home (complete with ambassadors to explain its workings).  It is located near Junction 8, so pretty convenient for those taking public transport.

Another interesting fact about this project has come to light.  Apparently the pool / water feature running through the site has been designed to mirror the profile of MacRitchie Reservoir.  And the landscaping is supposed to take its inspiration from waterfalls.  Architect is Paul Noritake Tange, of Tange Associates, an international award-winning firm.