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Full Version: BExcellent Group Holdings (1775.HK)
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Hong Kong Tutoring Firm Bexcellent Soars 31 Percent in Debut

By Fox Hu
July 13, 2018, 11:42 AM GMT+8

Bexcellent Group Holdings Ltd., whose top tutor earns more than HK$40 million ($5.1 million) a year, surged as much as 31 percent on the first day of trading in Hong Kong.

The provider of tutoring services to Hong Kong secondary school students was so popular that individual investors placed orders for about 289 times the stock initially available to them. Bexcellent raised HK$135 million in its initial public offering after pricing shares near the top of a marketed range. That’s a contrast to Xiaomi Corp. which priced its initial public offering at the low end two weeks ago.

Shares of Bexcellent traded at HK$1.29 as of 11:14 a.m. local time, still 19 percent above its IPO price of HK$1.08.

Courses and products provided by Bexcellent’s top five tutors accounted for more than half of its total revenue last year, the company said in its IPO prospectus. Remuneration payable to the top tutor was HK$43.4 million in the year through July 2017, the document shows. That’s more than Bexcellent’s net income of HK$34.1 million in the same period.

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BExcellent Group Holdings today closed at HK$1.320, up 22.2% from IPO price.
Why would anyone invest in a company where the “assets” walk in and out of office everyday?
5 of their tutors contribute >50% of the total revenue! 😱 isn’t that super dangerous?

No way I am buying a company that is so risky!

What is the lesson?
1️⃣ check for high customer concentration
2️⃣ check for high supplier concentration
3️⃣ check for any 🔑 man risk. What if they leave?
(13-07-2018, 06:25 PM)opmi Wrote: [ -> ]Why would anyone invest in a company where the “assets” walk in and out of office everyday?

Same as those dental and medical group.