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SGX RegCo reprimands Oriental Group Ltd, its former and present Directors and its former Group Financial Controller

Singapore Exchange Regulation ("SGX RegCo") reprimands Oriental Group Ltd 东方集团有限公司, the following past and present directors, namely :
1. Mr. Wu Dingrong 吴 丁 荣 (former Non-Executive Chairman)
2. Mr. Lee Wan Sing 李 望 兴(former Executive Director and former Chief Executive Officer)
3. Mr. Sun Lu 孙 律 (former Executive Director)
4. Mr. Ong Wee Chuan Richard 王 伟 全(former Non-Executive Director)
5. Mr. Tan Song Kwang 陈 松 光(former Independent Director, Member of Audit Committee)
6. Mr. Koh Choon Kong 许 城 光(former Independent Director, Member of Audit Committee)
7. Mr. Chua Hung Meng 蔡 汉 明 (present Independent Director, Chairman of Audit Committee)
8. Mr. Lee Ong 李 安  (former Group Financial Controller) 
for breaches of the Catalist Rules. 

SGX-listed companies are advised to consult SGX RegCo before they appoint any of the following persons as a director or member of management :
1. Mr. Lee Wan Sing
2. Mr. Lee Ong
3. Mr. Wu Dingrong
4. Mr. Sun Lu
5. Mr. Chua Hung Meng
6. Mr. Tan Song Kwang
7. Mr. Koh Choon Kong
8. Mr. Ong Wee Chuan Richard 

More details on the breaches :
Why didn't SGX take actions against Oriental Group and its directors/officers for their wrongdoings much earlier to save the losses already suffered by its shareholders and creditors?