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Full Version: Happy New Year to all Valuebuddies!
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Happy New year to all valuebuddies!

Thank you for all your valuable insights throughout the year.

Wish all of you a healthy and happy 2018!

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Wishing all Value Buddies a very Happy New Year and Prosperous 2018!
Wishing value buddies a healthy and wealthy 2018.
Thanks for all insights and sharing.

Kudos and thanks to administrators for the tireless contribution.
Wishing all value buddies a Great 2018 !

May everyone stay happy, healthy and grow wealthy ! Smile
Wish everyone a wonderful and meaningful 2018 !
Yes I have the feeling 2018 will be a great year for valuebuddies. 1-8 rhymes with yat-Fat. Yes - FAT FAT FAT.

My lucky numbers for 2018 are 00214.HK , 00191.HK and 01838.HK
Happy new year everyone

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Happy New Year to all valuebuddies.

Thank you for all your help that I had a fruitful and eventful 2017.

Moving into 2018, I can't see what will happen next.

But, I'm very sure that we can see more tips coming inĀ 
and of course the great "distraction" from bitcoin.

Wish everyone a healthy and heart warming 2018.

Huat ah!
Happy New Year to Friends of VBs ! May 2018 be another blissful year.
wish all Vbs, good health and good commonsense! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin huat har!!
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