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Quote:Ready Player Earn: Where NFT gaming and the virtual economy coincide

The surging popularity of NFTs is pushing play-to-earn NFT games to experience even greater adoption.

Quote:Alexis Ohanian's Big Bet on Blockchain Gaming
(Alexis Ohanian's more well-known as the co-founder of Reddit)

NFT as an Alternative Investment

There have been lots of hype on NFTs recently. It is not surprising given that the Beeple NFT digital art piece, " The First 5000 days" was sold for a whopping 69 million dollars. It was purchased by a Singaporean, Vignesh Sundaresan (Metakovan), who have the conviction that it would be worth a billion dollars in the future. Fun Fact: Beeple has not sold any of his digital art for more than $100 before this auction.

The origin of NFTs could be dated back to 2014 where bitcoin minted the coloured coins. In 2017, Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties was the impetus to pivot the NFTs market.

To have a feel of the prices in the digital NFTs market, you could check out the 10 most expensive digital art to date.

Considering that CryptoPunks was a project by Larva Labs to create 10000 uniquely generated characters using the Ethereum network through an algorithm. Ethereum is the second most popular blockchain after Bitcoin and has been used for commercial contracts.

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China’s central bank digital currency wallet is revealed
8 hours agoby Ledger Insights

Quote:Yesterday a screenshot emerged showing an online wallet used in testing China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC). The wallet referred to the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), one of China’s big four state banks, which is known to be involved in piloting the digital Yuan, also referred to as DCEP (digital currency / electronic payment).

DCEP: China’s National Digital Currency Overview

Quote:What is DCEP

Digital Currency DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment, DC/EP) is a national digital currency of the China built with Blockchain and Cryptographic technology. The currency is pegged 1:1 to the Chinese National Currency – the RenMinBi (RMB).

The overall objective of the currency is to increase the circulation of the RMB and international reach – with eventual hopes that the RMB will the a global currency like the US Dollar.

China has recently established an initiative to push forward Blockchain adoption, with the goal of beating competitors like Facebook Libra – a currency which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims will become the next big FinTech innovation. China has made explicit that Facebook Libra poses a threat to the sovereignty of China, insisting that digital currencies should only be issued by governments and central banks. DCEP is not listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and will not be for speculation of value.

As it seems, money itself is a medium of exchange but in modern finance, it is an ecosystem.

Former PBOC official says China’s digital yuan is little used: Caixin

“What needs to change is the digital yuan acting only as a substitute for cash and only for consumption,” Xie said.

“Cash, bank cards and China’s third-party payment mechanisms have formed a payment market structure that has met needs for daily consumption,” he said. “The common people are used to it, and changing it is difficult.”

Digital-yuan business had no synergistic effect and no commercial benefits in banks’ business, he said. Meanwhile, third-party payment systems, such as Alibaba Group’s Alipay, offered a more attractive range of functions, such as investment, insurance and consumer lending.
Your NFTs Are Actually — Finally — Totally Worthless
New report from industry researchers finds that 95 percent of the once-hyped crypto assets have hit rock-bottom valuation
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