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Full Version: KKR's Henry Kravis Says China Bull Run Can Go for a ‘Long Time'
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KKR's Henry Kravis Says China Bull Run Can Go for a ‘Long Time'

By Cathy Chan
December 7, 2017, 10:53 AM GMT+8

Henry Kravis, co-founder of KKR & Co., said China’s can sustain its economic bull run for a considerable period despite a slowdown in growth.

“I think they can keep this going for a long time,” Kravis said at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou on Thursday, referring to China’s growth. “As long as they can focus on the financial institutions, which is really key, and not let that get out of control, and keep the social harmony,” the world’s most populous nation can continue to grow, he said.

KKR, famed for its pioneering role in the leveraged buyout business in the 1980s, has raised $9.3 billion for its third Asia fund, amassing the biggest ever pool by a private equity firm in the region. In China, KKR is investing about $1 billion a year in equity, and is seeing opportunities in industries including food safety, environment and consumer finance, Kravis said.

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