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Full Version: Why you should buy Northwave EC? 8112 0970
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Why buy Northwave EC?

Upcoming Woodlands Regional Centre where it host the interchange of the Cross-Border Rail Link to Malaysia.

Woodlands Regional Centre has 700 000 m^2 of new commercial space, making it comparable to Jurong Regional Centre or Tampines Regional Centre.

Many light industries nearby with commercial shops.

North-South Highway, shorten travelling time from Woodlands to Town

Lowest psf among the EC

Served by NSL, Thomson MRT line.

Most ECs have raised price recently Eg Parc Life, Inz residences. But Northwave has not raised price YET.

Most ECs are 85% sold or more. Buy yours before EC supply runs out!

Looking at the market sentiment, the next few days may be your last chance to pick up an excellent EC here for under $750 psf. After all, The Criterion, Inz residences have raised price and are selling at above $800 psf.

Call or message 8112 0970 (Jason)  to know the latest perks and discount for Northwave and to make an appointment with me today to see Northwave.