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Full Version: You Just Doubled Your Money If You Invested at the 2007 Market Peak
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You Just Doubled Your Money If You Invested at the 2007 Market Peak

By Lu Wang
September 26, 2017, 11:14 PM GMT+8 September 27, 2017, 3:34 AM GMT+8

If you bought the S&P 500 at this time 10 years ago, you watched more than half your investment erased. You heard buy-and-hold pronounced dead and watched fellow investors pull $200 billion from equities. 

You also doubled your money.

Or just about, anyway. Using a version of the S&P 500 that reinvests dividends, the index has now pushed its gain since its Oct. 9, 2007, top to 98 percent. Down 55 percent at the market low in March 2009, the benchmark gauge has made all that back plus a lot more, posting annualized gains of more than 7 percent for a decade.

“It was in the early 2000s and again 2008, where a lot of market pundits came out and said, ‘that’s the end of 10 percent a year for stocks,”’ said Rich Weiss, chief investment officer and senior portfolio manager of multi-asset strategies at American Century Investments. “Stocks have done what they almost always have done and proved yet again that even with the 2008 disaster, they return 7, 8 percent a year annualized. That’s intact. Hallelujah.”

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