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Full Version: Want to make your money work harder for you?
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Is your money in the bank earning interest so low that it is not even enough to pay for inflation?

Achieve a better returns than bank FD rates by investing in FREEHOLD shops in The Bridge Retail Mall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Singapore Mainboard (SGX) listed company, Oxley Holdiings Ltd.

Enjoy confirmed 70% Guaranteed Rental Returns (GRR) over 10 years with an investment from only USD78K! (6% NETT per annum for Years 1 to 5 & 8% NETT per annum for Years 6 to 10)
Details of Guaranteed Rental Returns will be accompanied with respective Sales & Purchase Agreement.

Hassle Free investment as The Bridge Retail Mall will be Professionally Managed by Singapore based property managment company, Metro Global with 20 years of experience!

Investors were so attracted to the strategic location of The Bridge and confirmed 70% Guaranteed Rental Returns (GRR) over 10 years that Over 90% of the units on Level 1, 2 and 3 SOLD! 

Level 3A of The Bridge Retail Mall is launching soon! VVIP discount of 3% for Level 3A Shops and Restaurants for a limited period of time only!

Click on link for The Bridge Retail Mall to find out more!