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Full Version: World Infrastructure Pioneered By China
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Ambitious project to improve trade and economic integration across Asia, Europe, and Africa. Total 65 countries with total GDP of USD 21 trillion.
The project also known as One Belt One Road (OBOR) includes physical road as well as shipping lanes will cover total of 65% of total population and move the world closer to each other.
Zoom in to the South East Asia region, the Pan-Asia Railway Network which connects Singapore to Kunming China is the small fraction of the whole big picture.
This infrastructure connection will improve the economic growth and activity of the country in the long term. Especially the developing market as they closing in the gap to developed market such as Singapore.
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China is pouring record levels of investment into its Belt and Road Initiative - which calls for massive development of trade routes in the region - and Asean is emerging as a major beneficiary.
Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his ambitious One Belt, One Road vision in September 2013, and the programme has since become his signature foreign policy initiative.
In May, he pledged an additional US$124 billion to the initiative, on top of an estimated US$900 billion already made available.
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