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Full Version: The Crest by Wingtai
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The Crest showflat @ Prince Charles Crescent is a brand new residential development from a joint venture led by Wing Tai Holdings, Metro Australia Holdings & Maxdin Pte Ltd.  Sitting on a land parcel of over 256,000 sqft will be of superior spatial quality and the envy of many with the beautiful flower blooming-like architecture designed by renowned architect, Toyo Ito & Associates. The Crest is located in the upmarket and serene Jervois district which fronts the Good Class Bungalows of both Chatsworth and Bishopsgate estates.

Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect known for creating conceptual and innovative architecture and has been named “One of the world’s most innovative and influential architects”. The Crest will be a balanced interplay of proportion and space, designed with an eye for detail which Wing Tai is reputed for in the 50 years of living heritage. Nearby will have an upcoming new launch known as Artra and a new seaside home named Seaside Residences will be launched in April.