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Full Version: How much does Manchester property increase in 2016
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JLL reports that property prices rose by 15% and rents by 11%, as a rising population competes for dwindling levels of accommodation

Manchester looks set to cement its place as one of the UK’s property investment hotspots in 2017 again.

By 2025 2.85 million people will live in Manchester. It’s not only the fastest growing population outside of London, but also one of the youngest. 60% more 25 to 29-year-olds live in Manchester than the UK average, while almost 20,000 graduates from Greater Manchester’s universities each year decide to enter the job market in the city.

Supply struggles to cope under sustained buyer and tenant demand continues to drive returns for investors.

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Manchester (North West) property price growth is outpacing the rest of UK. The main reason is due to strong and growing demand while the housing supply unable to cope with the increasing demand.

According to JLL, Manchester offers some of the best return in UK and is at forefront of the buy-to-let market in UK region.

The city has started to attract many international investors who has overlooked Manchester in the past. Many of them has begin to realize the potential return it can offer.

Property price in Manchester is expected to see growth of 28.2% in the next 5 years while the rent is expected to increase as much as 20.5% by 2021.

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