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Full Version: Joint Development
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Hi All, 

I represent a humble 37 year old property developer with regional presence in the Asia Pacific. With headquarters in Singapore and production facilities in Malaysia, we also have developments and offices in Australia, New Zealand and Cambodia. 

Established in the late 1970’s, our main businesses are timber processing, building materials supplies, project consultation, construction & renovation, property development and credit financing. 

Through vertical integration, our hands-on approach affords us the privilege to capitalize on our related businesses for maximum profits. This ensures good control of the supply and costs of raw building materials, as well as being able to carefully manage all aspects of a development from start to finish as efficiently as possible.

We are opening our doors to allow retail investors to profit from our on-going developments in [b]Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.[/b]

Suitable joint development partners would be able to co-develop alongside us with a modest entry level (as low as S$20K) whilst achieving excellent returns (typically between 8 - 12% p.a.) in a secured and stable platform within a relatively short commitment period (typically between 18 - 24 months).

It works similarly like a fixed deposit, where your returns and timeframe are FIXED.

If you are open to an alternative way to get into the property market without being affected by the cooling measures and Additional Stamp Duty fees, please PM me and I will be glad to give you a short presentation over a cup of coffee.