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Full Version: Bye 2016! Hello 2017! :D
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time pass by quickly! say hello to 2017!! Big Grin

Wish all VBs, good health, good common sense and a good life!! :Big Grin

exciting 2017 ahead! Tongue

It's the last trading day of the year on the local bourse and also the last working day for those salaried.

The moderator would like to wish all VBs a peaceful weekend with your loved ones, and a bountiful year ahead. Ending the post with a quote from a 19th century poet, for the 21st century OPMI:

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions. perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away" - Henry David Thoreau.

Do you hear the music in your heart?
Wishing everyone a good year ahead and Happy 2017! May we all continue to learn and grow as investors, continue to refine our processes and become better human beings as well. Big Grin
Thank you to cyclone for this wonderful forum.
Thank you to all VB Moderators for the time and effort spent moderating.
Thank you to chialc88 for your forever positive energy thread on travel.
Thank you to the extrovert SMOL and his humorous posts.
Thank you to the many gurus who share your knowledge, experiences, opinions with us. I have become wiser everyday by following the posts in VB.
Wishing all a great 2017 ahead !
Happy New Year everyone ! May 2017 be a meaningful year for all ! May it be a year that we continue learning and continue contributing to families, friends, colleagues, country and/ or society at large in each of our own ways.

And yes, thank you all old & new moderators for another year of hard work! *bow*
Happy new year everyone. Stay happy!

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Dear Valuebuddies members,

It has been a great year. ValueBuddies has a warm, friendly yet analytical culture which bodes very well for value investors.

May this place thrive and continue to be even better for years to come.
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017! 

I will make 2 resolution. I will aim to make at least 1 post a month. I will aim to make that post meaningful.

Gd health and happiness to all!
Thank you 2016 for Brexit and Trump.

Wishing all VBs a very healthy and huat huat new year. Hope 2017 bring us more value !!! 

[Image: strongbow%2Bcider.jpg]

And yes I know you guys are waiting for this... Ah Tiong Kok crash lai liao!!! ;P
Dear ValueBuddies,

Wishing you the best in this upcoming year. Have a blissful new year.
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