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The fall in the value of the pound has triggered a spending spree in London's property market from foreign investors. But these overseas buyers are no longer just targeting prime central locations.

Changes in stamp duty mean that they are now interested in cheaper properties - pitting them head-to-head against jittery first-time buyers. property market expected to slow but not plummet - with growth predicted over next five years. if you are looking to seize the opportunity, you can check buy apartment in London
Wealth and opportunity continue to spread across east London. The area has been experiencing a gold rush since 2005, when Stratford was selected to host the 2012 Olympics.
The change is remarkable — and ongoing. More Londoners now live east of Tower Bridge than to the west of the city, and east London’s population is projected to grow by a further 600,000 in the next 15 years.
Hectic and eclectic, east London claims the Canary Wharf banking zone, and the new economy — the digital/design/creative community — and is a place for fashionistas, finance-sector workers and families alike.
More than £13 billion of Olympics-related investment was bound to make a difference, and new infrastructure projects such as Crossrail are adding to east London’s allure.
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House buyer demand across the UK rose in September, according to a new survey being seen as further evidence of a recovery in the housing market from its post-Brexit vote slump.
The latest monthly poll from the National Association of Estate Agents recorded a 16 per cent rise from August, taking demand back to levels last seen before the EU referendum in June.
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Following the EU referendum, the performance of the UK economy has generally been more resilient than most investors expected. With the exception of a falling pound, the UK's economic growth rate and employment performance has been surprisingly strong.
Property prices in key UK cities are continuing to rise, up 8.4% year on year and 2.3% quarter on quarter but the growth is slowing, according to the latest index.
In London prices have increased by 9.1% year on year to an average of £482,800 but the annual rate of house price growth has slowed to its lowest level for three years.
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While the London property market is enduring reported price falls for the first time in recent memory, one group of buyers is making the most of any post-Brexit uncertainty to get as much as they can from the market.
As Sterling suffered record falls following the EU referendum result and has yet to recover to an significant extent, foreign investors are snapping up properties at an effective discount of up to 15 per cent on exchange rates alone. In addition, those investors are now looking outside of the super-prime Central London zones in order to find the value they seek, allied to a conveniently reduced tax exposure.
Overseas buyers, very often from cash-rich Asian economies, are looking to new developments in cheaper zones outside of Central London, which allows them to purchase multiple units at one time, and leads them into direct competition with first time buyers, who are understandably nervous in the wake of a vote to leave the EU.
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