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The best investment in earth is earth. Are you looking at where is the best place to invest your money?

This best real estate investment article cover brief info about some hot cities investment in developed and developing country
Paradoxical but epic! The birth of real estate investment like REITs is really fascinating for individual consumers like me. As investments begin shifting from Asia and US to developing nations, this seems to be a good time to diversify individual's portfolio after DYDD. A major turnoff is on the stringent credit control being tighten abroad and domestically. Which country do you really think has the potential to grow?

My take is India (currently undergoing massive developments and A-Reit is going full force [Ascendas India Trust]), China (slowing down though), Africa and Middle East. Not many consumers got the capabilities to blast out to invest in those nations, not to mention connections, communications and trust issues. Challenging thoughts, no?
india yes. US yes.
south east asia: vietnam, indonesia, cambodia, philippine, and thailand
south america: brazil, chile
Hi Strongman,

Pardon for the delayed response.

Yes, today's trend has changed and the Chinese has gotten stronger at the backdrop of U.S. creating chaos.

Finished up with the Chinese market. REITs still remained as the top priority for income-generating asset classes to me. You rightfully pointed out on developing nations - India markets going at full inflationary pressures - for retail investors like me to invest in a mixture of reits, equities, credit repair services and debts portfolio. Something around the line of Unit trust or Mutual fund.

My personal take is still on hand-pick investments albeit touting about a mutual fund investment. It's directly for improving our personal wealth management techniques and not for the sake of diversifying like a headless chicken (blind leading blinds).
Note: Ascendas India Trust is good but not on Accordia Golf. Tongue