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Full Version: Solar-powered water purifier also produces electricity, Wi-Fi
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An interesting innovation...

Solar-powered water purifier also produces electricity, Wi-Fi

LONDON — Imagine a machine that can turn contaminated water from a river, ocean or even sewage into drinking water, while at the same time generating enough electricity to power itself with surplus, and connecting everywhere within a 1km radius to Wi-Fi.

It sounds too good to be true, but 44-year-old Italian Marco Attisani has created just that.

Watly is a solar-powered water purification machine that can service a community of up to 3,000 people.

The project is designed to solve three major weaknesses in infrastructure all at once: Access to water, electricity and Internet. Across the world, 783 million people do not have access to clean water, 1.2 billion lack access to electricity, and 4.2 billion are still without Internet access.
"Watly is composed of 4 thermal solar power units, with each unit equipped with an "arch shaped" array of thermal solar vacuum tubes. Each power unit integrates an extendable telescopic wing that is closed during transportation, but that doubles the surface of the structure when fully opened. The main unit is called the Master, while the other three are called the Slaves. Inside the Master unit is the core of the purification process of Watly, the unique and patented distillation system. Its main competitive advantage is that it requires a limited amount of thermal energy in order to purify soiled water by effectively distilling it, no matter how polluted it is. Thanks to the minimization of heat losses and the recovery of the latent heat of condensation, Watly’s distillation method is 11 times more efficient than traditional distillation processes. Numerous 160 m2 of solar thermal vacuum tube panels provide the thermal energy that is needed to run the process of water distillation. Watly’s thermal panels are super-efficient and extremely resistant. Watly’s unique "arch shape" allows the thermal tubes to be optimally exposed to incident solar irradiation during the whole day. The solution emulates the advantages of a moving sun-tracker but is extremely simple and reliable in the long term"

I would like to see it being bench-tested under sunny conditions.
And the type of batteries it is using.

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