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Full Version: New virtual reality app Timelooper takes you back in history
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What an interesting app! All the data is available in the web now, but putting all together at a right time and location, means totally different experience... Big Grin

New virtual reality app Timelooper takes you back in history

LONDON — Imagine watching frantic shopkeepers busily extinguish the Great Fire of London, or sheltering from Nazi bombing raids during the Blitz.

Now, thanks to a new virtual reality app, you can travel back in time to be immersed in these events.

The Timelooper app allows users to experience key moments in London history with just a smartphone and a cardboard headset.

For example, when Timelooper cofounder Andrew Feinberg visits the Tower of London, a historic castle on the banks of London’s Thames River, he doesn’t queue up with hordes of tourists to catch a glimpse of the royal family’s crown jewels. Instead, he uses Timelooper’s time travel tourism app to experience the tower over 750 years ago, in 1255.

Instead of seeing a busy London tourist site, Mr Feinberg sees a medieval marketplace, a formidable fortress, even an elephant being led down a path.