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Full Version: Trump accuses Cruz of fraud in Iowa, demands re-vote
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Donald Trump has no chance in Singapore, if the case happens in Singapore  Tongue

Donald Trump to scrap US$1.4b of investments in Britain if barred from entering country
07 Jan 2016 09:12
[LONDON] Mr Donald Trump will scrap ??700 million (S$1.4 billion) of planned investments in Britain if he is banned from entering the country, a spokesman for the United States billionaire's business empire said on Wednesday (Jan 6).

British lawmakers are expected to debate whether the Republican presidential candidate should be barred from Britain for an alleged "hate speech", a move the Trump Organization said would set a "dangerous precedent".

Source: Business Times Breaking News

Britain is so hard up for a billion? gosh! Tongue

by all means, do what is necessary! Big Grin
Donald Trump, is behaving quite differently from a typical US politician in many ways. Polling, may be deceiving at time, the actual voting counts. He should be smart enough to realize it...

Trump accuses Cruz of fraud in Iowa, demands re-vote

[NEW YORK] Donald Trump on Wednesday accused rival Ted Cruz in the Republican race for the White House of stealing victory in the Iowa caucuses, demanding a re-vote or his win nullified.

He made the sensational accusations on Twitter, telling his nearly six million followers that the first-time senator from Texas had committed fraud and lied to voters.

"Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!" Mr Trump wrote.

Source: Business Times Breaking News
Different from a typical US politician but pretty much similar to a Malaysian one? Tongue

Different but same same. All of them just poliTICS.
When you deal with masses, you just need to touch the people heart regardless how illogical or senseless it is.
That's how Hitler can becomes a leader that started WWII. He has the German People behind him !
He may trigger the next wave of global market volatility... Big Grin

On Wall Street, fears of a Trump presidency

NEW YORK (March 4): At first glance, Donald Trump is everything Wall Street likes - a billionaire whose real estate empire has provided huge business for banks, and whose luxury towers house the rich and famous.

But his surprise success in the fight to win the Republican nomination for the US presidency has sent a chill over the heart of American capitalism.

The list of fears runs long: a president Trump could launch a trade war with China; he could increase taxes on the rich; he could interfere with the Federal Reserve over monetary policy; the White House's relations with Congress could break down completely.

"He scares the markets. He is a big uncertainty," said Greg Valliere, chief strategist for Horizon Investments. "The market does not like uncertainty."
Either Trump or Sanders will be a refreshing change and may just be what the USA needs to reset their debt overhang.

Trump actually has the financial might to get the votes.

But I prefer Sanders, he has lots experience and is a no nonsense fellow and knows what needs to be fixed.

But Hilary still has higher chance as she is backed by big corporate money.

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trump is a racist and a bigot to him anybody who is not anglo saxon white cannot possibly be successful and must be guilty.

the sad thing is much of america are also like that since you see a lot of people who support trump says his message "rings true" with them.

-- 1989 case trump accuse 5 black kids of raping a woman, later when they were acquitted he still says they did it.

I wonder who are going to pick their cotton strawberries and fruit if they deport all the mexicans.

Sounds like beginnings of china's "great leap forward" agriculture experimentation that ended in a famine.
I recall the 27 words from Blair Warren, "People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicious, and help them throw rocks at their enemies"

IIRC, his supporters are mainly lower-class white, thus Trump has justified their failure to compete, and allayed their fears of marginalized, and definitely help them to throw rocks at their "perceived enemies" i.e. big corporations. Anyway, their stake is the lowest.

As China State media said, Trump has opened a Pandora box in US. I am skeptical on Trump's behavior, even it is just a mean to a much better end...

Trump warns of 'riots' if denied White House nomination
17 Mar 2016 07:19
[WASHINGTON] Donald Trump warned on Wednesday of riots if he is denied the Republican presidential nomination, after adding to his growing pile of primary wins but losing in the key state of Ohio.

Source: Business Times Breaking News
Trump has became a global threat...

Trump victory a major global risk: EIU

LONDON (March 17): The prospect of Donald Trump winning the US presidency represents a global threat on a par with jihadist militancy destabilising the world economy, according to British research group EIU.
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