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Full Version: Game - Top 3 STOCKS Guess for 2016
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1st day of 2016, time for a game! Big Grin
Guess your Top 3 Stocks for 2016!

Winner gets to say "I TOLD YOU SO 31 Dec 2016!" Tongue

My Guess:

1) TTJ
2) SingShipping
3) Raffles Medical

Vested in all 3!* Big Grin

guess-guess-guess! Tongue
I only have 1 stock. Isoteam. like that still can play? haha.

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can lah, 1 stock also can... Big Grin
I'd like to join the game :
- IPC Corporation
- Powermatic Data Systems
- China Minzhong Corporation

Sorry, I'm currently out of ideas...
China fishery, China minzhong, first ship lease trust
It is an excellent idea to have this thread.  

Some high risk-high return counters may give ultra high return in 2016 while most others in the same category will go down the drain.

To invest with real money, I will go for counters that have a higher probability to do well in 2016 and over a longer time horizon.

My top picks for 2016 at this point of time are:
Frasers Centrepoint Limited - The Thai Tycoon and his team have amazed me with their ability to spot gems
Sing Holding - expecting a special dividend and hoping for a GO
UMS - excellent ability to generate free cash flow and reward shareholders with generous dividend

Hope to achieve >10% return for my portfolio in 2016.
Thanks for the funxercise bratz.

Namlee(ramping up)
New toyo(earnings uptrend)
Captii (dark horse, cashed up, mobile apps)

Overall think sgx will continue sideways if not to below 2500. Emerging market earnings overall are still on downtrend. Seems tide still going out.

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Almost forgot about this game!! Big Grin

Top 3 stocks for 2018 anyone?!!

Winner get to say "I TOLD U SOO!" Big Grin

1) Rafflesmedical
2) & 3) Not decided yet!

*Vested in Raffles Medical / TTJ & Singshipping still*

Vested in all 3.

Also I predict a big correction in Feb to March.
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