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Full Version: Finally! Hope the members from Wallstraits come here.
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I keep on checking that website and nothing happened.

The community that existed in Wallstraits / afralug thought small was great, as they gave good comments and great debates.

I hope all the all old timers of wallstraits come here.

MW, please find them and ask them to join!!


Please tell me if you need my help with anything.

Hi Flinger! I noticed you registered your nick without the capital "F"....hehe so your nick here is slightly different from your old Wallstraits nick! Tongue

Nevertheless, it's the same person and that's the most important part. Big Grin

I've been trying to locate some of the old forumers; and managed to get d.o.g. and dydx and a few others too. However, some of the rest may not return for personal reasons? Or they may have registered under another nick? Smile
The more investors joining this forum, the merrier for everyone Big Grin

Hi everyone,

Just joined. Ex-wallstraits/afralug.
(02-10-2010, 03:28 PM)violinist Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone,

Just joined. Ex-wallstraits/afralug.

Hi Violinist!

Welcome back, and let's all contribute to a great forum with deep and analytical discussions!

And yes, we do welcome a violinist, as I am just a "guitarist". Haha. Tongue
i am Caldwell.. just join this forum now....
plz share some interesting things with me
(08-12-2010, 04:14 PM)Caldwell Wrote: [ -> ]hey.......
i am Caldwell.. just join this forum now....
plz share some interesting things with me

Are you a computer generated troll? You don't sound like a normal human being. If you aren't replying to this post, I wouln't be surprised.