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Full Version: The outlook of Cambodia property
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Cambodia property has received strong interest from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Middle East and others
Local and foreign investors are rushing to invest in Cambodia residential and office unit. So what's the potential?

Cambodia GDP has been growing very strong average 8% since 1999 and average inflation is low.
Political, monetary and economic stability has been maintained
US Dollar is used as business transaction besides the Riel currency
Developing country with many investment into infrastructure, telecommunication, mining, agriculture, real estate.

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Top 6 reasons why invest in Cambodia property
1. Strong economic growth, projected 7%
2. Liberial investment climate and no restriction on repatriation - Investor favorite
3. US Dollar asset
4. Tax friendly - No additional stamp duty, capital gain tax (for individual)
5. Freehold property ownership is allowed
6. Very affordable with deferred payment scheme - High potential return

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500 metre-high commercial building Thai Boon Roong Twin Trade Center, which is to be built on the former amusement park Dreamland’s 4.97-hectare complex, will begin construction in mid 2017, according to insiders working on the building’s development.
According to developers, the project now costs an estimated $5.1 billion to develop – in partnership with Macau-based Sun Kian Ip Group, with construction to be managed by Hong Kong’s Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd.
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Cambodia’s financial sector is set to enjoy strong growth next year as the expected total outstanding loans and deposits grew roughly 20 percent compared with last year due to good economic practices.

According to a report by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) titled “The Macro Economy Progress and 2016 Banking Sector and the Vision 2017,” outstanding loans within the banking sector hit $17.6 billion, up 18.3 percent, and deposits reached $15.4 billion, up 20.7 percent.
“The banking sector continues to grow strongly and to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive growth of economic activities,” the report said.

The banking system is healthy [with]…the high level of liquidity in both the banking and financial sector, while the non-performing loans are very low at 3.5 percent and one percent respectively

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According to Simon Griffiths, the senior associate director for CBRE Cambodia. Quoted from There was evidence that private individual foreigners were still buying real estate in Cambodia late in 2016 and that private investors were particularly attracted to guaranteed yields, developers with strong reputations and new or innovate products/design.  Consequently, FDI in property/real estate remained strong in 2016 but not equal to 2015’s. 

Looking ahead for 2017, it is likely FDI will remain high but not in the same sectors or geographies as experienced in 2015 and 2016. 

If Phnom Penh is a cup, then that cup is brimming with development. That does not mean there will not be further foreign investment in Phnom Penh in 2017, but expect to see foreign investment move towards entertainment, hotels, condo-hotels and retail in 2017

Against the back-drop of stagnant low interest rates in developed economies, guaranteed yields of five percent and above represent ways to appreciate wealth rather than in real terms losing it as it sits in the bank

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