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Full Version: SunEdison
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I happened to see this rather unusual company. Name is sunedison. They are into renewable energy. Quite interesting, but its like buying into the future.

They have various clients, mainly
1. Businesses
2. Consumers

And, their business includes:
1. Sales of solar panels
2. Leasing of solar panels

In terms of the cost of sales, it should be super low since the sun provides literally free energy, but the capex is rather high especially since the company will need very specific and customised facility to provide the panels.

If we assume a useful life of 10 years per panel, its quite good business. Cost of sales is predictable for ten years. But, I have no idea how long these panels last. With sufficient client base, the recurring income is very attractive and also assuming that cost of sales is low since there is no additional consumption of materials and labour resources.

Anyone vested in it?

Moi not vested. Just curious.... and quite bo liao to be reading about this.