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Full Version: CFM Holding
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I started a new thread for the company. The company caught my attention, with a trouble with BCA. Singapore company usually "kiasu", and need confirm and double-confirm, why such a careless move??

(not vested)

"BCA had received feedback that the Property has been occupied without a Temporary
Occupation Permit (“TOP”) or a Certificate of Statutory Completion and that CFH is required
to cease the unauthorised occupation of the Property with immediate effect. "

"As previously announced, the Company had moved into the Property after receiving an
email from its architect that a Temporary Occupation Permit (the "TOP") had been issued in
respect of the Property. It subsequently came to the attention of the management of the
Company (the "Management") that the TOP was not issued by the proper authority. "
Profit warning for a net loss after tax for FY2015. The company is having more problem than I original thought...

(not vested)

Profit guidance for the six month financial period ended 31 December 2015 ("HY2016").

Based on the preliminary figures, the Group expects to record a higher net loss after tax again for HY2016 as per the previous corresponding financial period ended 31 December 2014 ("HY2015") mainly due to the following reasons:
1. Higher provision for stock obsolescence due to certain products are no longer in production and the materials are not usable for other existing productions;
2. Higher provision for doubtful debts due to much slower than expected repayment of receivables by some of the customers;
3. Decline in revenue due to lower demand from key customers for metal stamping operations; and
4. Higher professional fee incurred in connection with the TOP matter (mainly for consultants of the project and legal advisor) as announced on 22 May 2015, 1 July 2015, 9 July 2015, 17 July 2015, 17 September 2015, 30 October 2015 and 2 December 2015.
Further details of the Group’s performance will be disclosed when the Company announces its unaudited financial results for HY2016 on or before 14 February 2016.