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Asia is the largest engine of global growth today and will remain so in the foreseeable future. InvestAsian’s goal is to inform investors throughout the world on how to invest in and profit from the immense potential of this dynamic region, whether they live in or outside of it.

There are many news outlets and financial consultancies. However, what makes InvestAsian unique are our experts, analysts and translators who have diverse backgrounds, are located in multiple countries throughout Asia, and who together possess knowledge of a wide variety of languages, cultures, and experiences.

This allows our readers and clients to have access to as much information as possible, especially considering the linguistic diversity of Asia. For example, if you only speak English, you will have a difficult time assessing the Indonesian or Chinese stock markets. InvestAsian has experts on the ground who are constantly networking, analyzing businesses, and helping our readers and clients find opportunities that they would never have otherwise, whether they are stocks or unique start-ups looking for venture capital. - English - Indonesian - Thai