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Full Version: Burma's Stateless Muslims: The World's Most Persecuted Minority
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Burma's Stateless Muslims: The World's Most Persecuted Minority
The unrest situations in Myanmar recently is one of the key reason for the weak price performance of Yoma Strategic.It seems like in the long term the growth in property prices,foreign investments and other economic activities will be compromised due to political and social unrest every now and then.
myanmmar with youngest hard working population in asia long term prospects can be promising if their economy eventually develops.

but current to short term don't expect much in way of returns. I not look down on them but you just see the rich are immensely wealthy but only very few are that rich the rest are poor - means general population are lacking in purchasing power.

We been there done that. So roughly we know for their people to scale up their standard of living, foreign company need to come setup industry provide job but before that happens country infra need to be there people need to be educated, we small country took around 30yrs, china big country also took abt 30yrs but they had a lot of foreign help. So as a benchmark myanmmar need around 30 years to develop.

I posted in mdr section on the myanmmar tooredo phone card business you go see the price they selling each phone card and then you try to imagine what is their profit margin each card and then imagine again how much phone cards they have to sell to able to earn few mil profit so they can declare 1 cts dividend per share.