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Full Version: Industry / Occupation Poll of Valuebuddies Members
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I am fine with closing the poll too as the next informational value is when the entire population actually vote in the poll so to see a full picture of our members.

But before closing the poll, here are some of my observations that I like to share:

1) The poll has lasted for about less than 1 week and we have gathered 46 responses. This is about 13% of the entire population. So I probably can conclude that we have 10-15% of the population keen in contributing. This is somewhat in line with the tabulated figures I posted before that we have 38 members that post 30 & above.

2) We have a quite balanced share of members in all industry except transportations. Hopefully, members in respective industry will be able to stand out to clarify some of our discussions if the direction goes wrong.

3) From a Pareto perspective, the top 3 categories are Public related (Govt, Student & Retirees), Comms & IT related and Manufacturing related. This is quite expected result as this group are expected to spend more time on the internet. From the Public related, I believe we will have a majority of students whom will probably have limited exposure to actual industry happenings. What surprised me is the Comms & IT related fellow friends but come to think of it might have similar reasons to participate (desire to get more involved commercially) in an investment forum as the members from Manufacturing.

4)The fastest saturation of the poll came from Comms & IT related. This means that we might have quite alot of active contributors from Comms & IT industry. I think I know of a few. Smile

5) The relatively slower industries to saturate are Banking Finance related, Financial Service related, Consumer & Service related, Oil & Chem related. I guess maybe inactive contributors form this group. Either they wait to contribute or they visit here less frequent.

6) Given the massive amounts of discussion on properties and real estate, we have few members in this sector. Interesting results anyway. Moreover, 1 of them is MW. hehe

7) Engineering Services group would probably belong to some of the forumers who engage in defence discussions. Its just a guess.

In summary, the opinionated discussions engaged here are probably not from internalized experiences of each industry. Members should also take note that this a public and free forum with no screening on its members. Many posts I observed are coming from vested interests or self-interest or personal hobby point of view. This is my opinion. You can agree or disagree fully or partially. Smile

Thanks for everyone's participation!
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