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Full Version: New international schools for Singapore as expat population surges
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More international schools are planned for Singapore as it plans for a huge influx of new expats over the next 15 years.

While it is relatively straightforward to secure a place for a child at an international school at present, the 5.6 million population of the city state is projected to grow 30 per cent by 2030. Much of this growth will come from immigration which, the government says, is needed to help offset a slowing birth rate and ageing population.

Therefore the economic development board, which controls all land that can be zoned for international school use, is to release new sites with 30-year leases. It has asked existing international schools – and parties who may be interested in opening a new one – to notify them of their interest.

yap, immigration appears to be only solution to counter Singapore's ageing population and shrinking tax bases... Smile

besides In-Sch, there's also expats' rentals, medic benefits, hired limos..etc.. Smile

So all must cover, Smile

At what rate 10% per year, immigration will be allowed for it to be politically digestible? Big Grin wait for 2016... Tongue
Another solution will be for sg to sell itself and merge with another nation while she is still sexy
Free e.c for families with three kids, free hdb for two kids, that ought to increase birth rate quick

But seriously, sg not enough water and food, that is a big headache with increasing population. Space wise not such a big problem though things are getting pretty crowded

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maybe they will be soon develop underground like Dubai Smile