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Full Version: Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away at 0318am 23rd March 2015
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Thank you Sir! Your contribution to Singapore is tangible and immeasurable. You are a hero in Singapore and a legend of our time. No one can take your place. May you rest in peace. 祝福您一路好走。
Rest in peace - Mr Lee Kuan Yew

[Image: LKY%201.jpg]

It's always hardwork and more hardwork.
Now, it's time for you to rest.
We can make Singapore a better place for everyone to stay.

Heart Love Compassion
Thanks for all that you have done for Singapore. Be at peace Smile
RIP Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Hope you will continue to bless Singapore from wherever you are.
What makes him different is that he dare to speak the truth, lay out the hard facts and pursuit the unpopular policies that made SG great. And i am confident to say that if its not for LKY and his leadership, we wont be the island country that is punching way above its weight.

Nowadays the politicians all round the globe tend to bow their 'hard to please electorate' whose vision is mainly short-sighted self-serving and myopic.

Chances are we wont have another LKY. Not in a thousand years............ sad case........ words cant describe SG loss.
The market reacted calmly to Mr. Lee's passing. It was a non event as far as the market is concerned. The way Mr. Lee would want it to be. RIP Sir !

Rip Mr Lee kuan Yew
I can tell that everyone is genuinely sad at your passing.
Finally you and Mrs Lee are reunited....

Thank you for all your have done Mr Lee.

Even at times, we don't like the way you pushed things through, we do understand that it is for the greater good.
Thanks again. RIP
Just a little more and we are there together to celebrate this SG50. But I figure he could not wait for reason known to him. May he rest in peace and thank for giving most of your life generously and unselfishly for Singapore.
I find it a bit regretful that he didn't live to see SG50 just as Deng didn't live to see HK handover.
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