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Full Version: Sharing this free and useful event
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Ok, I don't know where to post this. Posted on the Falcon thread before deciding to start a new one. Basically, there is this free event I just came across:

If you are in Singapore, I would encourage you to sign up for it. It doesn't cost a thing and you get an opportunity to learn from and hear some of these listed companies out. Even if the companies themselves don't interest you, just understanding more of the industries they operate in is worth the time. Disclaimer: Not vested in this event at all. Just sharing something useful.

However, if you are from the event organisers, you can thank me for the free marketing. Big Grin
Pteris / mm2 / YuuZoo / Xyec / Asiaphos

Mmm... doesn't really excites me... BUT it's free with lunch & drinks!! Big Grin

Thanks Debronic! Tongue
You are welcome! Like I said, even if you have no interest in the companies themselves, just learning about their industries helps. Free food and drinks doesn't hurt either lol. Smile
Thanks Debronic. I will be there too. Really good deal. Smile