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Full Version: Yong Xin International Holdings
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One more company to be delisted, due to loss makings...

(not vested, and didn't know it before)

Yong Xin International Holdings to delist

SINGAPORE (March 4): Yong Xin International Holdings ( Financial Dashboard) will be delisted after the company said it was unable to meet regulatory requirements to be removed from the SGX watch-list.

The stock was placed on the watch-list in March 2013 and was given two years to get out of it.

The company or its controlling shareholder must now make a "reasonable" exit offer to investors under listing rules.

Trading in its shares will continue until April 2. The stock will be suspended from April 6 until the completion of the exit offer.

Yong Xin shares were not traded yesterday. They last closed at 2.6 cents.