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Full Version: US Stock Market vs SGX
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I am new to this forum. I have started investing since 2010 and I have just started a Couple Finance blog :

The Bf Gf Money Blog- Couple Finance, Money Management, Savings, Investments, Deals and Low-Cost Dates

I am currently trying to allocate a larger percentage of my portfolio in the US Market as I see that there are more global companies there with a larger outreach and scalability. However, I am still keeping SGX stocks because of the dividends they provide:

Keppel Corp, Nam Cheong, Chip Eng Seng, Valuetronics

US Markets:
Priceline, Mastercard

What are your thoughts with regards to the US markets and SGX?
Welcome to our VB. Best wish for your VB experience.

Every stock market is different. My suggestion is that u understand their idiosyncrasies and don't confuse the 2 Smile

All the best for your sleep Smile