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Full Version: Happy CNY 2015
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yewkim wishes all Chinese a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Thanks to all your valuable contribution to this forum as to allow me to benefit.
Happy New Year to everyone! Hhhhh...uat Ah !!!
A happy new year to all at VB. Hope we have a wonderful year ahead, and do continue with the valuable contributions
Happy lunar new year everyone! It is a blessing to be in this forum where it strongly encourages responsible posting, unlike other forums. I feel privileged to be here where there are so many people I can learn from.

年年有余! 吉星高照! 龙马精神! 工作顺利! 马到成功!

May this incredible filled with happiness, joy, peace, and prosperity for your loved ones and yourself.
Happy New Year Value buddies,

Another great year ahead! VB is a blessed place with great wealth of knowledge. It is one of my mandatory research stops.

Thank you VB
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

DW wishes all buddies a prosperous and healthy year ahead.

Love everyone around you. Stay positive.

Huat ah!!!

[Image: asian-tales18.jpg?w=636]
Wishing all forumers a Happy CNY, good health and good luck! May the Year of the Sheep be a prosperous one for all! Big Grin
Happy new year to all buddies at valuebuddies!
Huat arghh eagerly waiting for next major correction!
Many thanks to VBs - quite a number of my stock picks came from ideas surfaced in this forum. Let's band together and help one another to avoid kena makan(ed) by the sharks in the Red Ocean this coming year. Happy New Year to all and have a great holiday.
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