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Full Version: Managing Agent for PAP TC Drops Fees Just before the Attack on WP for "Expensive" Fee
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(15-07-2015, 09:21 PM)CityFarmer Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any different in nature between WP town council issue, and the recent lapses in public sector? I saw related party transactions, and approval process lapses.

May be the only difference, is the amount of fund involved, and also no financial losses incurred by public sector lapses...Huh

The big difference is in the response. AGO is impartial in their audit.
There are 1,800 grassroots organisations under the People’s Association’s umbrella.

The Auditor General audited only 115 of them.

That’s a mere 6.4% of all the GROs.

And already, the AGO found almost 40% of them with financial irregularities.

Gov’t should freeze all funds to PA until full audit is done
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