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Full Version: Secrets of getting the best AGM buffets
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Secrets of getting the best AGM buffets

here is the secret of AGM buffet.

If you are looking to go AGMs for buffet, buy those dirt cheap stocks. Now with min 100 shares, you can buy a dirt cheap stock at around $25 and attend AGM buffet eat full full.

Buy the stocks which nobody knows. Dont buy blue chips like keppel, SATS, Singtel. I confirm the buffet crowd will be very fierce. Buy those lesser known ulu ulu stocks like CDW, innovalue.(now not so lesser known anymore) The buffet crowd is better. Not so fierce. Often got food leftover because small company, ulu ulu nobodys knows about them, nobody attend the AGM.

for u to share more tips.....

[Image: SAM_1104.jpg]
[Image: neo-garden.jpg]
Tip #4
If the AGM buffet is lunch buffet, DO NOT eat breakfast.
If the AGM buffet is Dinner buffet, DO NOT eat lunch.
When you are hungry, any buffet also very delicious TongueSmileWinkBig Grin
Wa like that also can. Smart
I was laughing my heads out while reading this thread. Good job and thanks so much for the very important tips!
Tip #5: Buy companies with different financial year end to avoid conflicts of AGM schedules

Tip #6: Buy companies which hold their AGMs in function rooms instead of auditoriums

Tip #7: Do not buy companies that hold their AGMs overseas.

Tip #8: Try avoiding companies which hold their AGMs at ulu premises.
Tip #9: Research into quantity/quality of food provided in last 10 years and estimate value of food. Divide by average number of attendees. Calculate expected value per person. There should be a rising trend over the years...
Actually. I attended the mapletree logistics agm, it happens to be @ my workplace area. All the maple listings fall on different days within the 1-2 week of the year, buffet style.

The maple listings (4 of them) are extensively researched by the relevant management teams imo, hence most of them are outperforming the sti at this point.

For 1 single lot each, to get great information and have a good meal... That has got to be a great +-$600 to spend on.

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