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Full Version: [Suggestion] Search Term Min Length to Reduce to 3 characters
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The current search engine for the forum is now limited to at least 4 characters. So if you try to do a search for SPH or CDL or GRP or GLP etc, you will get the following message:

Quote:One or more of your search terms were shorter than the minimum length. The minimum search term length is 4 characters.

I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the forum software or whether it can be configured to reduce the search term to 3 characters

If its the latter, I hope Admin would consider the change; cos this will make the search for companies easier and less tedious. In the long run, duplicate thread can be eliminated if users are able to find old threads easily instead of starting a new one (either too lazy or too tedious to search)
The forum software default is minimum 4 characters for Full-Text Search System. Has to tweak the database server configuration.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.
Hi cyclone, moderators,

Did not want to start a new thread, so thought i'll put my suggestion here.
Perhaps it would be helpful to create extra categories for Sg stocks. This could be:
- Listed Companies SG (General)
- Listed Companies SG (A-G)
- Listed Companies SG (H-O)
- Listed Companies SG (P-Z)
- Listed Companies SG (Others)
or some other preferred variation .
This will accompish two things:
a. Allow easier search of SG companies
b. Allow more prominence for discussion of SG listings by SG Value investors

New threads can be started in sections accordingly. Do not know if it is possible to shift the old threads and how much work though.

Just my suggestion Smile
Done. Thanks for the suggestion.
wow, that was fast!
I agree. Heads up and kudos to Admin. Never seen a forum admin reacts so fast to users' suggestions.
Thanks Admin. One thing that bothers me slightly is the time set for e forum. It seems to be off from local Singapore time by 2 hours. Could it be adjusted as most of the discussion here applies to Singapore stocks. Or is there some issue with the servers that it will cost extra? Thanks
Hi mrEngineer,

Please go to User CP > Your Profile > Edit Options, check whether Date and Time Options is set to GMT + 8:00. Thanks.
ooh. so its only me.. thanks adjusted.
Just to add on. For those who are bothered by the forum default date format of mm-dd-yy, you can also change it to the more familiar dd-mm-yy. Also you can also customised the time format to your preference.
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