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Full Version: Kandi Technologies - China Potential $1 Trillion EV Market
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KNDI Top Growth & Short-Squeeze Prospect for 2015

KNDI Technologies Group (NASDAQ:KNDI) is the #1 electric car (EV) manufacturer in China, with 14,398 pure EVs sold as of Dec 31, 2014, the first year of their innovative Car-Share program, which is already operating in 9 large municipalities including Shanghai, Guangzhou and other prefecture-level cities. The Sept 30, 2014 Form 10Q disclosed that they are negotiating with the city of Beijing as well.

Full report here:
Kandi-ZZY car-share and leasing programs have now expanded to 10 cities in China in just 1.5 year since inception, with over 14,000 EV's currently put on the road.

2 new factories to open in 2015 and 4 new models released this year including Kandi Cyclone which will be exclusively equipped with Tianneng Power batteries for an announced range of 400km.

Kandi Cyclone PR

Changxing factory reported to currently run at full capacity in Chinese media (100,000 annual production capacity for the 2-doors EV):

Latest updates from Seeking Alpha article:

Kandi Technologies 2015: Firing From All Cylinders

Enjoy the ride in 2015 and beyond!
Xiaoming Hu (Kandi CEO) has received the 2014 Innovator award during the Global New Energy Vehicle Conference held this weekend in Tianjin, for its successful EV car-share and leasing business model:


[Image: 54c3c61b4d2dd.JPG]

颁奖嘉宾:中国汽车工业协会副秘书长 叶盛基
领奖嘉宾:康迪电动汽车集团有限公司董事长 胡晓明
Kandi CEO (Xiaoming Hu) disclosed last year that the company was subpoenaed by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and under investigation, although he was not required to do so.

For being honest and transparent while most US companies would never disclose it, the stock has been very volatile last year closing twice at an All-Time-High of $22 before dropping to high $10's following negative articles and reports sponsored by short sellers.

After numerous speculations and accusations by short sellers that Kandi was a total fraud, yesterday the company announced it received a letter from the SEC stating that no enforcement action will be taken and the investigation is now closed. A big slap in the face for the 7+ Million shares short out of a 20 Million float...

JINHUA, China, Feb. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. ("Kandi" or the "Company") announced today that it received a letter dated February 9, 2015 from the staff of the Enforcement Division of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") advising that the Division has concluded its investigation of Kandi and, based on information received to date, does not intend to recommend to the Commission that any enforcement action be brought against Kandi. This formally concludes the SEC's investigation that commenced in 2013. As previously disclosed, Kandi received notice of a formal investigation and a subpoena dated November 21, 2013 in connection with the SEC's investigation.

Hu Xiaoming, Kandi's Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer commented: "We are extremely pleased that the SEC has concluded its investigation, particularly since its existence was the subject of much misleading and harmful press by those holding short positions in the Company's securities. We respect the SEC and its mandate to protect investors, and cooperated in its investigation. As I have stated before, Kandi's management's primary interests have always been twofold – shareholder protection and building a solid foundation for the continued long term growth of the Company. We will continue to pursue those goals with transparency and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations."
Kandi Technologies reported record FY2014 results on March 16th:

– Full year 2014 revenue increased 80% YoY to $170.2 Million –

– Full year 2014 EV parts sales jumped 6653% YoY to $116.4 Million –

– Full year GAAP net income increased 158% YoY to $12.3 Million –

– Full year EPS of $0.29 compared to 2013 EPS of ($0.61) –

- The JV company with Geely went from $0 to over $200M revenue in less than 2 years and is already profitable.

- See more at:

- As part of FY2014 results, CEO Mr Xiaoming Hu announced that the JV company will start direct sales to consumers and is currently recruiting dealers in 26 provinces in China! 4 Pure EV models will be offered initially (K10, K11, K17, K30) while 2 new additional models are also planned to be launched this year (Urban Beauty K12, City Cowboy K13 ):

[Image: zhaomu.png]

The company is now planning its next growth phase with several major announcements :

- Hired a Wall Street well known Investor Relations firm (The Piacente Group) :

- Hired an English-speaking CFO with 20 years international financial management experience :

- Attended Bank of America - Merrily Lynch Auto Summit:

- Started to explore public listing options in China for its JV company with Geely:
After solid Q1 Earnings Report with the company showing 4 straight profitable quarters, Kandi (NASDAQ:KNDI) stock price action has been disappointed to say the least.

Despite the 30% increase of Electric Vehicles sold by the JV company with Geely compared to last year during the company historically slowest quarter, investors seemed disappointed with the company growth and conservative guidance.

Mr Xiaoming Hu is forecasting car-share to expand to 7 new cities this year and deliver a total of 20000-25000 Electric Vehicles combining car-share, long term leasing and direct sales.

With FY2014 revenue growing 80% from 2013, and guiding 100% sales growth for 2015, Kandi currently trades at a dismal P/E of 12...while US Electric Vehicle maker Tesla trades at a P/S of 9 (Kandi P/S of 2) and won't be profitable until 2020 (Kandi and its JV subsidiary with Geely are already profitable).

Nevertheless, things have started to pick up with no less than 3 major partnerships announced last week, confirming bright prospects for Kandi and ZZY Micro-City car-share business in China:

- Telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE:

The companies will collaborate to develop EV Wireless Charging, autopilot/self-service car-share, networking and value-added services.

[Image: 005VO6Awjw1esm4bvm8jrj30go0b441z.jpg]

- Real Estate Developer FORTE Group (division of China largest private-owned conglomerate FOSUN Group):

Kandi/ZZY will provide community car-share in Forte Group developments including residences, shopping malls, hotel resorts,...

[Image: 958ce4d2a8f592840a1e38f1708592e8.jpg]

- Real Estate Developer JISHENG GROUP:

[Image: 640?wx_fmt=jpeg&wxfrom=5.jpeg]

Last but not least, Kandi recently participated in Investor Conferences in New York and Taiwan

An updated company presentation is now available for those looking for quick starter information on Kandi :

Kandi Presentation (Scroll Down after SEC regulatory filling)
Jinhua, China--(Newsfile Corp. - June 30, 2015) - Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (the 'Company' or 'Kandi') (NASDAQ GS: KNDI), today announced that Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co., Ltd. (the 'JV Company'), the manufacturer of Kandi Brand electric vehicles ('EVs'), has received a payment of RMB 271.1 million (approximately US$44.3 million) representing a national subsidy for pure EV sales during the third and fourth quarter of 2014. The JV Company is a 50/50 joint venture between Kandi and Geely Automobile.

Mr. Hu Xiaoming, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kandi, commented 'We are very pleased to receive the national government's subsidy payment for vehicle sales in the second half of 2014. Kandi completed the year ranked No. 1 in China in pure electric vehicle sales and production figures. Given the national government's strong financial support, the growing demand for renewable energy vehicles, and the resulting rapid industry expansion, we believe the Kandi brand will continue to lead the market in pure electric vehicle production and sales growth in China.'

The central subsidies paid to date now total more than $100M USD in less than a year. For the record, there are still pending payments of local subsidies to ZZY the car-share and leasing operator (Kandi owns 9.5% of ZZY) with USD $70+M alone owed from Hangzhou municipality and $20+M from the munipalities added to the EV micro-public transport program last year.