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Full Version: Silviu Ionescu dies in jail hospital
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A closure on the case. Justice prevails? I wonder how are the victims' families doing since the sad day...

Silviu Ionescu dies in jail hospital

BUCHAREST — Former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, who was found guilty of manslaughter for hitting three pedestrians while driving a car in Singapore, died yesterday (Dec 9) in a Romanian jail hospital, reported AFP.

The cause of death was cardio-respiratory problems, according to reports.

Ionescu had left Singapore after he was accused of causing the death of one pedestrian and injuring two others while driving an Embassy car in the early hours of Dec 15, 2009.

He was arrested by Romanian authorities in May 2010. He was sentenced to three years in jail by a Romanian court in March last year, and his sentence was doubled after he failed in an appeal earlier this year.

Sources: Agencies
Romania also follow yong pung how style. Failed appeal double the sentences.
How do we know that he is really dead?