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Full Version: Annual Reports
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I have a question that has been vexing me lately and would like to seek the opinion of valuebuddies: What do you do with the hardcopies of the annual report after reading?

Throw down the rubbish chute? Cut out the photo of BoD and paste on dart board (for companies that you lose money on)? Any suggestions? So far I have been passing mine to the Karang Guni man. Sometime I felt a bit sayang because some of the glossy AR are really sleek.Sad
Now thought most companies go with CDs oredy? I have been using SCB trading for sometimes already, so usually I won't get the annual reports. Those I got in the past still on my book shelf, some worth to keep but some don't. If I have too many, for sure I give to Karang Guni man as well.