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Full Version: [GPGT]Warren Buffet's stock holdings as of 5th Oct 2014
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[GPGT]Warren Buffet's stock holdings as of 5th Oct 2014

if i follow him will huat like him? Any comments and thoughts? Confused11:

[Image: OJf8aab.png]
[Image: nC1oKF9.png]
Common investor cannot replicate his style as it is just buying up companies wholesale. But you can learn from his selections. He has also made lots from financial instruments like preferred shares that kind of thing which we dont have access to

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mainly I think common investor even if can replicate his holdings also cannot replicate his patience and long term view
Focus on financial services (everyone needs to lend/pay = nominal service charges) and consumers defensives (everyone needs to eat/spend = cashcow)... Big Grin

rock solid biz thru slow steady accumulation of wealth, backed by strong cashflow, both in good/bad times.. and buying up valued-biz when given good opportunity, usually during crisis...

I think he is a conservative investor with an opportunist eye!! Big Grin

Hey! we can be like him!! abeit a much much smaller scale lah! Big Grin