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An indicator of bull market? Big Grin

Singapore spicy-crab restaurant chain Jumbo said to prepare IPO

Jumbo Group, the Singapore restaurant chain known for its chili and black pepper crabs, plans to sell shares in an initial public offering next year, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The company, controlled by the Ang family, plans to raise about $30 million, the person said, asking not to be identified as the process is private. Jumbo intends to use some of the proceeds to expand in China, according to the person.

Jumbo, led by Chief Executive Officer Ang Kiam Meng, was founded in 1987 and operates restaurants serving a range of cuisines from seafood to pork rib soup to ramen, according to its website. In July last year, it lost a chili crab cooking challenge to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The company opened its first overseas restaurant in Shanghai in December.

“While we do not discount such plans, we cannot comment on market speculations,” Ann Chan, an external spokeswoman for Jumbo, said in an e-mailed response to questions about the IPO.
Running out of good quality company ?
I have a feeling that Jumbo is going to be a good IPO.

I always seek opinions from my friends about Jumbo Group's food. Mostly positive. They found price reasonable too. We will need to see the IPO's valuations.

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Restaurants IPO - like Tung Lok?
Not my cup of tea. Ingredient cost which accounts for a big part of cost is always questionable.
High rental and labour costs are killing many restaurants.
(24-09-2014, 01:55 PM)cfa Wrote: [ -> ]High rental and labour costs are killing many restaurants.

Well, there are survivals, and doing well, e.g. Japan Food with ROA/ROE of 19%/25%.

It might not be a bad IPO after all.
Even Thai Village oso dunno where now after their forays into China...
Thai Village - Use to patronize when they have some kind of promotions. Is TV still at the same place?
Singapore's signature dish is going for IPO, seems like it will be well received since it is a household name here. Their Jumbo restaurants are usually quite crowded.
I enjoy cycling my house to East Coast Park frequently. Whenever I am there, I never fail to visit Jumbo Seafood restaurant. I would cycle further and check out other seafood restaurants. Jumbo fared better: it has a better crowd and staff to handle the customers. Many people were willing to wait for our food. Businessmen are proud to invite their clients to Jumbo for business deals over crabs. My friends’ family often go there for special occasion. There were even other expatriates. It is very unlikely for them to be there unless Jumbo Seafood has great reviews, so this shows how strong Jumbo is.

A while ago, there was the Gordon Ramsay's challenge. It didn't hurt to have added publicity, and clearly, more people got to know the brand. The Jumbo Rewards card is also another incentive for people to come back.

I would think there is untapped growth in the group and this group worth a second look.

Let's talk about Tung Lok and Soup Restaurants, very often, their restaurants are empty. A total opposite can be seen in Jumbo's restuarants.

The management is innovative and tied up with SPRING - Singapore to mitigate labour and costs. You can find them on SPRING websites.
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