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Full Version: Recommend broker/bank for US market investment.DMA,Low com,no inactivity fee
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Recommend broker/bank for US market investment.DMA,Low com,no inactivity fee,credit rating,limitstop

Hi Everyone, please recommend good broker/bank for US market investment.

Here are the features that are important to me
-Direct market access - no CFD
-no inactivity fee.I intent buy and hold.dont intent to make much transactions/trade. Interactive broker charges $10 inactivity fee OR need your deposit to be 100k. I not so rich dont have 100k cannot use interactive broker without incurring inactivity fee.
-Good credit rating. Must have good credit rating at least AA-. Cannot be another MFglobal.I dont want any counter party risk to do forex. Able to handle both SGD and USD.
-Internet banking transfer. Must be able to transfer SGD to my SGD bank account and let me withdraw at the ATM. FAST transfer is not necessary
-Limit stop/stop loss feature. When stock prices go down,i want to sell automatically. there must be a limit stop/limit sell/stop loss feature.
-No extra hidden taxes/charges. Other than the ones that everyone is paying,there should be no extra taxes/charges on capital gains and dividends.